International Payroll Bureau Srl is a professional firm of wages and contributions founded by Moore Professionisti Associati.

The firm, based in Milan, employs highly qualified staff able to manage with the utmost seriousness and confidentiality the needs of its customers in a working environment in constant evolution of regulations. Our clients no longer have to worry about always being up to date with the evolving legislation as we will take care of all related matters.

The representatives of the firm, professionals enrolled in the Order of Labour Consultants, represent a support and a point of reference able to solve your problems in the field of accounting with timeliness and courtesy. The strict connection with Moore Professionisti Associati allows customers, if requested, to have a complete service that ranges from wages and contributions to all accounting and counselling related subjects.

Our clients, who vary from individuals, entrepreneurs and companies of any size, both Italian and foreign, find in us a safe reference for all issues involved in the management and conduct of the employment relationship.
We deal with the contractual framework and the drafting of employment contracts, identifying the type of contract that best suits the needs of the company and workers, in compliance with the provisions of the law and preventing possible future disputes.

We manage with transparency and professionalism all the procedures related to the management of wages and contributions, with a working approach that ensures continuity, confidentiality and flexibility.